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Still Struggling? Two Additional Tips for Site SEO

If you take a look at past blogs, you’ll see two tips for helping your website’s SEO. We know how important it is to feel as though you’ve got a good grasp on your website from the very start. Sometimes, though, it can become overwhelming – especially if you didn’t get into business with a deep understanding of digital marketing, web content, etc. Search engine optimization agencies are in place to make sure that no matter your personal skill level in digital marketing efforts, your site is fully optimized.

So, what are a few more ways to get your website where it needs to be?


Links, Links, Links

There is a fine line here when it comes to backlinking, which is why it’s always a good idea to hire an SEO firm to take care of it if you’re unsure. Having a ‘link-worthy’ site is extremely important when it comes to how search engines will pick up on you. You might think it’s exciting to have a lot of ‘Click here!’ buttons, leading people to different pages, but the mystery is gone. That no longer gets picked up by search engines, and if your audience doesn’t know what they are ‘clicking here’ for, they’re less likely to trust you.

Instead, write out the name of where they’ll be taken to in the link. For example, “Los Angeles SEO Expert” will be picked up by search engines as a useful and rich keyword, whereas “Click here” will not.

Alt Tags for Media To Optimization

Search engines can’t interpret images, video, etc. So, by creating alt tags (alternative tags) for pictures and videos on our site, it makes them easier to get picked up by search engines, so people looking for that relevant content can still find the right video, image, etc. Alt tags are another form of hiding keywords behind an image, but they hold the same rules as content keywords: You shouldn’t overstuff, you should keep them short and concise, and they should be relevant to the image or video you’re displaying. If your website has a great video that explains exactly what it is you do, and it’s a video that would intrigue thousands of buyers, but no one gets to see it, what’s the point?

Having the right alt tags lined up within the video will allow it to get picked up by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Keep in mind that your alt tags should mostly appear on web pages that are heavy on images and video, and light on text. If you have a video that says the same thing as the text on your page, an alt tag may not make much of a difference. But, where your pages don’t have much textual content, alt tags can be a great way to still get discovered.

If you’re unsure if your website is fully taking advantage of these tips, or our previous tips, contact an SEO expert. You may just find out how much your site can improve and grow from a few quick changes.

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